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Edit: Project Now Closed!

For those of you who have not had any luck getting your hands on one of the template sheets for the Street Salon project, we have put them online here to download and print yourself. Create your artwork on your print out or affixed it to the inside of the framed area and send it to:

Geelong Arts Alliance: PO Box 1229 Geelong Vic 3220.

BTW…Ensure your details are included either on the back of the printed frame sheet or include a copy of the completed details sheet downloaded from below.

Click on the images below, when you see the large version appear, Right Click on the image and select save picture as. Then just choose where you want it to be on your computer, print it and your ready to go!

Download 1:

Download 2:

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Recently, when asked a question about the large graffiti piece that was completed last year or the year before in Police lane in Geelong. I was unable to inform the person enquiring who had undertaken the work. So after searching online and finding out it was not to be found easily. I searched the City of Greater Geelong’s Arts site and the public art section, but again it was not to be found. Considering it was a legal artwork i figured i should do a bit more research and put a name to the artwork and document it as street art by its very nature is often temporary.

Anyway, after a little more effort the artwork is by a Perth artist named Stormie Mills. It was commissioned by the Courthouse Youth Arts Centre and placed on the wall of the Geelong Performing Arts Centre. The title of the work is, ” If you want your children to dance, why do you tie their toes together “. (Dec 2008)


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