This weekend artists David Dellafiora, Ivan Sorocuk and Glen Smith represented the Geelong Arts Alliance at the Festival of the Photocopier – Artists Books and Zine Fair. Originally set to be held in the City Square in Melbourne, it was shifted into the Degraves Underground on Flinders Street Melbourne due to the weeks bad weather conditions. Despite the weather the crowds were big, heaps of cool stuff was on offer across the tables and sales were plentiful…overall a fun day was had by all involved.

Further events over the rest of Febuary for the Festival of the Photocopier can be found at:


And while we are on zines, if you make artists books yourself and are looking for somewhere to sell them or you are just into getting your hands on zines, badges and ephemera in general…get along to the festival or drop into StickyBooks.


festival artwork

Where it all started!

Blue Sheep was a pilot by the Geelong Arts Alliance for …such fertile ground… 10 October 1999.

Blue Sheep was the first project by the newly formed Geelong Arts Alliance and also the first pilot of…such fertile ground… a statewide community art project initiated by Regional Arts Victoria. Blue Sheep was conceived as a temporary, site specific work inspired by Geelong’s industrial origins in the wool industry and incorporated the city’s iconic colours. Artist Glenn Romanis developed a design that was a map of the Geelong region/Wathaurong country, with its stylistic origins in the line work of traditional South Eastern Australian Aboriginal Art. Blue Sheep depicts the You Yangs, Corio Bay and the confluence of the Moorabool and Barwon Rivers. But the work also makes reference to contemporary concerns about environmental degradation caused by grazing and genetic engineering. Blue Sheep was recorded as an aerial photograph and reproduced as a postcard in a set of 12 such fertile ground images.

The Blue Sheep workers were supported by a Steering Group and a team of volunteers.

 Artistic Director: Donna Jackson Project

Artist: Glenn Romanis

Community Coordinator: Sue Hartigan

Aerial Photography: Chris Bunston Skyworks

Blue Sheep Steering Group Leanne Stein, Mardi Janetzki, Sue Jones, David Dellafiora, John O’Neil

We’re Back!

Back from laying low and only coming out from under our rock to present project by project, the Geelong Arts Alliance is getting a new home in 2010. We are getting a fresh new gallery, we have a new funded project called ‘Street Salon’ in the pipeworks, and this is our new blog and point of contact. So already 2010 is looking like being an exciting year.  

Stay tuned and keep an eye on this blog for uncoming events.